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The journal Danish banks such as Jyske Bank have major problems in complying, with the law.

Can Danish lawyers be bribed.

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Read our claims BS-402/2015-VIB.

Which after 2 lawyers Redstone Rødstenen in AArhus and Lundgrens in Copenhagen.

Would not present the court, but as the Customer himself after 43 months here 28-10-2019 presents for the court.


You are probably wondering why this page about Danish banks is made ?.




This is a call to the big Danish banks, to not lying to their customers.

With a view to getting an unreported income to the bank.


A loss from the customer, who becomes a income to shareholders, who actually own the banks.


An income that becomes a crucial asset loss for the customer.

In Danish it is fraud.


We know that the large Danish pension funds, own large shares of the Danish banks, such as ATP.

And these act just like Blakstone.
Which the danish government has so much against.


But the problem with the pension funds, is they don’t care how their wealth increases.


We already know that banks such as Jyske Bank, which in their cases succeed in calling cases for bad advice.

And that the bank then chases limitation which is only 3 years.


This is a socially big Danish problem.

As the Danish banks do everything they can, to ensure that their clients do not discover that they are subject to deliberate bad advice.


At least not until after 3 years have passed, and here is where the banks chase the obsolescence.


As banks like here, in the case mentioned Jyske bank, seemed to speculate on getting all their obsolete.




In order to secure Danish banking customers.

The parliament is forced to change the statute of limitations to the banks.

The statute of limitations on the Danish banks, must be up to at least 5 years, if not 10 years.


If this does not happen, the banks like here Jyske bank Will not change their business methods.

As our case BS 402/2015-VIB is a good example of.


The law of good custom must also be changed.

So that it becomes a law that is punishable by transgression.


If you look at the Danish bank cases, and judgments in through, from Danish banks like Jyske Bank


Will you be able to read that Jyske bank does a lot of telling in court, they do not have to comply with good practice.

As it does not have any consequence to violate good practice rules for banks.


If the statute of limitations was,
at least 5 to 10 years.
And good customary law made.


Wild cases like the hedge case, swap cases and many more cases, for many hundreds of millions hardly to be found.


But now the law, is as it is.

If the state parliament, wants to help the banks, then the law should not be changed with lying to their customers either.


And then the banks won’t change.


In our case.

We have found that banks, like Jyske Bank do not care about the law.

And probably have violated most of the law before crimes.

Remember, since 2016 we have been running around with advertisements,
about the case.

And wrote about it in the diary here.

Jyske Bank has been fully involved in Banknyt
Since October 13, 2016.

And Lundgrens has been doing it.
Since April 16, 2018.

But they will not realize there is something wrong with their businesses.


But that we as a client also experience, Jyske Bank bribing our lawyers, not to present the client’s case, to the court.

Is an extension, and this was not expected.


The case that the customer himself has to present the court.

Is that the customer accuses, Jyske bank of fraud.
And now also bribery, in the form of return commission.


You can read this in the allegation document from 28-10-2019.

We share our closing response from 28-10-2019 here.

Try and compare our response, with the Lundgrens delivered 18-12-2018

Look at the bottom of the page,

And ask Lundgrens and Jyske bank.
If they have been some payment, for not submitting the client’s claims, to the court


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And no this is not fun.

We try to get the management of Jyske Bank to apologize and apologize.

But not least to admit, it is just not okay, to cheat and deceive its customers.

And that it happens with the management behind, as in association.

The management has decided to continue the Jyske bank’s fraud.

What can we do when the Danish police will not investigate Jyske Bank for fraud against our customers.

Police chase 0100-83966-00085


Ask yourself about, is Jyske Bank an honest, fair, and reputable, Danish bank ?.

Or is there something about the talk of Danish Banks being dishonest ?.

And uses Danish banks to bribe, and lie in legal matters, to disappoint in legal matters.

We only ask because it seems to be a FACT.

Or do you have an explanation.

Why the client here, must both fight against their own bank Jyske Bank.

And also have to fight with their own lawyer.

Who directly work against their own client.
In a case that is about being honest, and honorable.


And what about the great Danish law firms, like Lundgrens.

Have these lawyers acted as a reputable law firm ?.


We will continuously share all attachments on, among other things, diary since bank new



And now remember this diary, is due to the overall board of Jyske Bank.


It is the full responsibility of the Board of Directors that we are exposed to fraud, and who do not want dialogue, and that is why we are exposed to fraud today.


We do not want the case, but we are up against Denmark’s second largest bank, which has a different view of good banking.


While we are still trying to meet the bank Group President CEO Anders Christian Dam, for an explanation


Lundgren’s lawyers, Dan Terkildsen, have said on their office, 13-08-2019 That Jyske Bank’s Board of Directors has no responsibility.


We believe that Lundgrens, has only manipulated with us, not to present our claims, so that with the Jyske Bank Board of Directors having no responsibility for Jyske Bank’s fraud, we do not agree




And, therefore, again asks the chief executive CEO Anders Dam to re-examine the matter


Isn’t something wrong


If Jyske Bank did not make money in the pants, then of course we have to pay Jyske bank their money.


But that we have to be exposed to this is outright evil.


Dear all of you at Jyske bank.
Lund Elmer Sandager.

Now read the letters we have sent since the beginning of the case.

And see if there is something completely wrong.

CALL US +4522227713


This is not written in a bad sense.

But only like a breath of fresh air, to research your business for the way you make money.


From here the very best regards, to the Group Board of Jyske Bank Denmark.

Storbjerg Erhverv
Soevej 5.
3100 Hornbaek



Hope this soon becomes a forgotten cause and we together can laugh at it. so look forward.

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Upon closer reflection, the plaintiff is not in doubt.

Lundgren's attorneys at Partner Dan Terkildsen must also be called as a witness.

The client wants to have Lundgrens confirm

How many times Lundgrens has been asked to submit client's claims against Jyske Bank for fraud and false

So Lundgren's lawyers in court can explain why, on October 28, the client had to present their allegations against Jyske Bank

When Lundgren's attorneys have been instructed for more than 30 times to present the client's allegations and summon witnesses on whom the client may also write.

In this way, Lundgren's lawyers can help to clarify whether Jyske Bank has really bribed Lundgren's lawyers to keep the client's claims against Jyske Bank out of court.


Denmark’s perhaps biggest banking scandal during escalation.

Dear Lundgren’s lawyers are deeply involved in Jyske Bank fraud, against small business has not been stopped.

You can call +45 22227713 and get all the information ,? but they already have 🙂

But what do you Lundgrens think about our allegations and evidence against Jyske BANK about the fraud chase.

Dan Terkildsen said August 13 that the Board was not guilty of anything, but he will or have not comment on of our claims

? That is very strange ?


After being discovered at Lundgrens, is working for Jyske bank, and you were fired, 25 SEPTEMBER.

We asked you to send our material back to Hornbaek, the material has not been received.

Please send it by GLS to Shell Hornbaek.

Incidentally, Lundgren’s attorneys should not contact our new attorney, as he Lundgrens is an Inhabian, and you have done enough harm.

We also asked you to pay back, the money we paid to Lundgrens.

Your partner Dan Terkildsen has denied to pay is back, he believes that Lundgren’s lawyers have done a great job for us, but the fact is that Lundgren’s has directly cost us far more off time.

So you should consider, whether you should not have anything on top of it, and in this way competencies fore that we could have lost the case due to Lundgren’s lawyers.

But now we’re writing this on the site, so many others in Lundgrens can reading it.


We are a customer of Jyske Bank, you have our account number.



But now you still work for Jyske Bank

Would you like to tell the group management Anders Dam, that we do not want to be deceived.

We want to meet and have no interest in writing anything untrue.

After all, the question is whether we are right and can prove we are right.

What does Lundgrens mean? you never told us that.

Feel free to leave a comment on Facebook, Twitter for updates.

Best regards from
Storbjerg Business

Soevej 5
3100 Hornbaek

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